Traveling with Pets


Travelling with Pets to Mexico

Bringing your pets to Mexico is a simple process and not one that should cause any undue hardship to your animals if you have all the necessary documents.

Your airline can help you with their specific requirements for the flight. The Mexican government has a number of requirements:

You will need the proper paperwork to enter the country, and it is possible that your pet may undergo an inspection upon arrival. All animals crossing the border into Mexico will require the following:

  • Duplicate copies of a health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian. The health certificate must include the name and address of the owner, physical description of the pet, and it must state that the animal is free of any contagious disease. This document needs the international license number of your vet.
  • Vaccinations for rabies and distemper (dates of vaccination must appear on the health certificate).

You should start to prepare documentation and inoculations at least one month before visiting Mexico

To import pets into Mexico, you must meet the requirements of the National Department of Health, Food Safety and Food Quality, SENASICA. The pet will be screened at the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Offices (OISA) located at international airports, border crossings and international seaports.The requirements are listed on the following website: (in Spanish)

For more information about the animal health inspection service, please


It is very important to realize is that Pets that must fly in cargo can only fly during certain times of the year due to weather temperatures.

Temperature Restrictions for Pets in Cargo

Temperature Restrictions have been established to ensure animals are not exposed to extreme heat or cold in the animal holding areas, terminal facilities, when moving the animals between terminal and aircraft or on an aircraft awaiting departure.

Heat Restriction: Pets will not be accepted by some airlines when the current or forecasted temperature at the arrival or departure airport is above 84F (29C) at either location on the itinerary (75 degrees for snub-nosed dogs and snub-nosed cats).

The Airline Summer Heat Embargo

During the summer months, May through September your airline may not allow you to transport your pet in the cargo department. Some airlines seem to take the position that they will not accept any pets in cargo during these months while others take a more flexible approach.

Solution: Check with different airlines – some are more flexible with rules than others.

Choose a flight that leaves after dark and arrives early in the morning before the runway begins to heat up. If you talk with the airline they will likely take your pet in cargo on such a flight although “technically” their embargo is in effect. Or, use a different departure or arrival city where the weather may be cooler

Cold Restriction:

Pets cannot be accepted when the ground temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit at any location on the itinerary UNLESS the pet has a veterinarian’s statement of low temperature acclimation.

The low temperature acclimation certificate/statement/form must include:

  • name and address of the passenger
  • name of the animal
  • name and signature of licensed veterinarian
  • veterinarian’s accreditation date and number
  • temperature to which the animal is acclimated

When temperatures fall below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, pets may not be checked even with a statement of low temperature acclimation.