San Jose del Cabo


san joseSan José del Cabo is a sanctuary located at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula. Although not as widely known as its glamorous twin, Cabo San Lucas, this city shines with its own unforgettable personality. Everything about this city speaks of its respect for the past—from the old buildings of the historic center, to the picturesque Mission style Parroquia San José where new couples join their hands in marriage and old couples renew their holy vows. This is a city that, with its neat and clean neighbourhoods and extraordinary hospitality, converts many of its visitors into faithful residents.  Why not? Fabulous weather, sensational food, tranquility, and very few crimes; it’s no wonder more and more people are noticing San José del Cabo.

At the southeast edge of the city sits a protected estuary where over 100 species of birds, along with an incredible variety of other exotic marine mammals, live. ATV and Kayak tours are great options to access the area; one can also watch the birds up close on the back of a rented horse. If this doesn’t pique your interest, you can always rely on one of San José del Cabo’s heavenly beaches to provide you with an afternoon of watery adventures. When the sun begins to hang low over the horizon, it’s time to plan your night on the town. If you happen to be here during the months of October to May, you’re in for a special treat: the Art Walk, a special event where the beauty of art and food comes together flawlessly, takes place every Thursday evening. One cannot talk about the art culture in San José del Cabo without mentioning Casa Dahlia—a contemporary art gallery where you will discover the works of abstract artists such as Sondra Richardson and Charles Stewart. Besides admiring the works of contemporary artists, take a moment to appreciate the garden-inspired surroundings while you sip on a cup of fine tea and enjoy one of its delicious tapas.